How to Care for Specialty Fabrics

Here are a few care tricks to use on some of those specialty fabrics that are in your stylish wardrobe.

Chiffon – This beautiful light, sheer fabric is made of silk, nylon or a mix with polyester. The main thing to remember when caring for chiffon is that most damages happen when the fabric is wet. WARNING: Chiffon will stretch or shrink if not treated properly! If your chiffon piece has polyester in it, you may wash it on a cold, delicate cycle. We recommend placing the piece in a lingerie bag so it doesn’t snag on other articles of clothing. Do NOT use powder detergent, because the grains may get imbedded in the fabric. Silk chiffon can sometimes be hand washed, but double check with the instructions on the tag. With chiffon, never use heat. Hang dry clothing and iron on a cool setting.

how to wash specialty fabrics

Velvet – Whether in a jump suit or in your favorite evening gown, we all know of that special piece in our closet that has velvet. Knit and fine velvet need to be dry cleaned, but the more popular crushed velvet may be machine washed. Do not leave velvet folded or else it will crease the fabric. If necessary, use a steamer on the other side of the fabric. Never use an iron unless you don’t want that article of clothing anymore. Did you spill on your velvet? Don’t blot it! If you wipe at the moisture you could permanently damage the fabric. Just shake off the excess moisture and let dry.

Taffeta – Oh yes, that beautiful dress you wore once but don’t know how to clean. Silk taffeta must be dry cleaned but polyester or nylon taffeta may be machine washed cold and on the delicate cycle. It’s not guaranteed that machine washing is safe, so we recommend hand washing your taffeta or bringing it to us. If it needs ironing, use a pressing cloth and a low heat. Taffeta scorches easily!

Do you have a specialty fabric that you’re not sure how to care for? We can help! 

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