Make a Difference this Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day and each year over a billion people worldwide take action. To help the environment, people plant trees, clean up their communities, spread awareness and change their recycling habits to reduce their carbon footprint. Worldwide, people are trying to make a difference. What about you?

At Crest Cleaners, we know that common dry cleaning is very harmful to the earth. To honor and repsect our planet, we’ve created our EcoTech System which uses natural, silicone solvents. Common dry cleaners use harmful chemicals like perchloroethylene, which is dangerous to the environment and you. Perc can get into the air, water and ground during the multiple phases of dry cleaning. In the air, perc assists in the creation of smog and can stay in the ... More

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Does “Organic” Mean Safe?

What’s the difference between “organic” dry cleaning and GreenEarth dry cleaning?

GreenEarth is the only one that is environmentally non-toxic. 

At Crest Cleaners, we use GreenEarth cleaning because it is proven to be non-toxic and safe for you and your home. We don’t bother with the word “organic” because we know that the definition is somewhat unclear. Organic is great when it comes to the food we eat, but organic solvent is not what we think it is. Because the FDA does not regulate the dry cleaning industry, many dry cleaners think it is ok to say that they are “organic” even though they use harmful chemicals like perchlorothylene. They can do this because in the world of chemistry, “organic” means anything with carbon in its molecular makeup, even ... More

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Beat Spring Allergies

We made it everyone! Winter is over and now we can look forward to warm days in the sun. Although many of us are anxious for spring, we know there are a few of you out there who have something to dread – like spring allergies. 

Spring is the season when the world wakes up from the slumber of winter and bursts into life. Plants are growing like crazy which means they’re producing a lot of pollen. To help beat your spring allergies, try a few of these: 

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