The Five Advantages of the Ecotech system


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Customer Feedback

"Without fail, Crest has been able to restore every destroyed designer dress and shirt I own to like-new condition."
- Elly

"If you need something STAT, they get it done fast"
- Jessie

"With a busy life, it's really difficult to commit to dropping off and picking up my dry cleaning on a regular basis. I love that Crest has consistent and reliable pick-up and delivery services."
- Susan

"They do a great job. The pickup and delivery has changed my life. I love not having to go get my dry cleaning anymore."
- Jimmy

"Been using them for 14 years. They clean the clothes in-house--no shipping them around town like some places. I don't have problems with my clothes disappearing like other places I have tried."
- Brent

"Crest is very gentle with my clothes and when I go to drop them off (with stains like mine you should), they review the garment with me and notate every stain and even discuss with me how they will treat it. They then review the material and let me know of any risks/dangers (if any) and ask if I want to proceed."
- Elly

"Everyone is so polite and courteous. They are always helpful with any request. The are very knowledgeable about tough stains and how to get them out."
- Marshall

" If you want great customer service and clean clothes, Crest is the way to go."
- Steve

"I've been a long time customer and have nothing but positive experiences having them professionally launder my clothes."
- John

"I don't trust my clothes with anyone else."
- Bob

"They know who I am, they are professional, always friendly and helpful."
- Phil

"I have been using Crest for years and could not be happier. You always see the same smiling faces and they have my clothes ready for me before I walk in the door. The clothes NEVER have a chemical smell to them and always look great."
- Seth

"Their service and support has been outstanding and consistent throughout the years. They always have my cleaning on time and perfect!"
- Kathleen

"My wife and I have used Crest Cleaners forever!  Never a problem, never a late item, always a smile and a "first name" hello!"

"I couldn't ask for more. I hang the bag on the door on Mon/Thurs and it's back the following Thurs/Mon."
- Rachael

" Do yourself a favor and find yourself a good cleaners like Crest. The few dollars you save in cleaning costs can be easily displaced by thousands in damages to your clothing."
- Jason

"Great service, incredibly nice people and a cleaner that respects your clothes. They come back sparkling and with all the buttons and no excuses."
- Dave

"I love the delivery service - it is incredibly convenient and helpful! And where as is the same day service hours so amazing!"
- Stacy

"We feel very spoiled by the good service. The clever laundry bag that also doubles as a garment bag for the cleaned items makes the whole process very easy."
- Carolyn

"I rely on their same day turn around. Hasn't failed me in 17 years!"
- Phillip

"Of all the dry cleaners I have been to in my life, Crest has all the things I've ever wanted. The feeling that I got when I first came here was similar to when I first bought an Ipod and stood in amazement at all the features that I ever wanted on a portable music device."
- Jason

"I'm an "organic" nut and I'm very conscientious about what I eat, what I breathe in, and what I touch, especially when it comes to carcinogenic materials. Perchloroethylene (Perc for short) is the cleaning agent used in almost all dry cleaners. That thing is highly toxic and Crest does not use it. "
- Jason

ecotech system

How About Premium Delivery Service?

If you try to run errands during your busy day, you most likely try to go before or after work, or during your lunch break. Unfortunately, that can mean hitting rush hour traffic and missing much needed meals. When it comes to dry cleaning, that's just another chore on the to-do list. We know that your time is valuable, which is why we offer free Home Delivery to all of our customers. 

With our Home Delivery Service, not only do we fit into your busy lifestyle, but we make everything seamlessly easy for you! To get started, sign up online by clicking here. Our representatives will reach out to put the finishing touches on your account and inform you of your delivery schedule. From there all you have to do is leave the bag for Crest Cleaners and wait for us to bring it back.

Let Crest Cleaners help you cut down your to-do list. With free Home Delivery, you can save so much time and money is a day, a week... well, forever! Sign up today! 

Thinking of Preserving Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding Dress PreservationYour wedding was a great day, do you remember it all? The dancing? The walk down the aisle? The pictures? The food? The congratulations? Your dress does, and unfortunately all of the stains and marks that happened on your big day are proof. If you’re looking to make your gown like new again to save for later (for maybe a daughter later down the line?) here are some tips.

While dress preservation is a service that many cleaners offer, there are some steps you can take on your own to ensure the dress is kept in great condition. For starters, pay attention to how you hang your dress leading up to your wedding and on the day of the event. Hang it by the loops inside the gown to ensure no part of the dress sags or becomes damaged. All of that fabric is heavy and can pull at delicate seams.

Also, before your wedding, be aware of the conditions where you store your dress. Avoid extreme temperatures and try covering the fabric with a sheet instead of plastic. Plastic contains materials that could yellow your dress and also traps in unwanted moisture. How heartbreaking would it be to pull out your dress just mere days before your wedding only to find ugly discoloring?

Those are a few suggestions to keep your dress in mint condition before your big day. But after? We all know that a wedding celebration can turn into one big party. If you’ve done all of the work to keep your dress looking like new before the wedding, bring it in to Crest Cleaners for help in the cleaning and preservation process.  Feel free to ask us plenty of questions regarding our techniques processes. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. Preserve those memories by perfectly preserving your dress. Contact Crest Cleaners today and ask how we can help take care of those memories. 

Can Dry Cleaning Shrink Clothes?

Clothes shrinkingWe've all made the mistake of shrinking a favorite sweater or dress in our home washing machine. This commonly occurs when certain fabrics are exposed to the wrong water temperature for too long. But what about when you bring your clothing to a professional dry cleaner? Can they make the same mistake and cause shrinkage? 

Here at Crest Cleaners, we can proudly and honestly say that the answer is a resounding NO! Crest Cleaners does not use water in our dry cleaning, but you already knew that. Our dry cleaning uses eco-friendly components to pristinely clean your favorite garments and do so without a chance of shrinkage. Not only will your garments return to you clean and fresh, but also toxin-free! We don't use the dangerous chemical perc in our dry cleaning process, which means you're not exposed to anything harmful to your skin.

While we offer traditional laundering services as well as dry cleaning, we are the experts when it comes to laundry and won't damage your clothing no matter what the medod is. 

Save yourself the hassle and worry of reading labels on your clothes, go ahead and buy those delicate fabrics! Bring them to your local Crest Cleaners and ensure your clothes leave crisp, clean and in the exact shape and form they were when they came in to see us.  

The Best Summer Fabrics

When you dress to go out this summer, focus on two things; looking cool and keeping cool! Try and dress in the following fabrics that can help control your temperature and keep you comfortable all summer long. 

Summer dresses 2015

Cotton may not sound like the best choice to keep your body temperature regulated but this natural fabric allows for better air circulation which minimizes fungal breeding which is a prime culprit for rising body temperature. 

Linen is the oldest fabric known and has a reputation for coolness and freshness in hot weather. It is versatile, strong and stays away from your skin allowing better airflow over your body. Also, linen is soft and feels cozy and comforting. 

Chambray is imitation denim and, even though it looks just like denime, it is a lot lighter and more breathable. 

Silk is pretty, fashionable and traditionally very expensive, but it is also a protein just like your skin and hair so it does not soak up water like other fabrics. Since silk is an adaptive material, it reacts to the changing weather, cooling you down when it is warm and allowing you to look chic and classy in the process. 

Are you ready for the summer heat? For more summer fashion tips, make sure to check out our Facebook page. 

Your Feedback Helps Us Grow

One of our secrets to success is that we listen to customer feedback! Crest Cleaners has built up a reputation on quality customer service and superior dry cleaning. We pride ourselves on being your go-to dry cleaner and we would love to hear what you have to say. 

If you've had a great experience working with Crest Cleaners, please share with us on Yelp. Make sure to mention the name of any employee who has really gone above and beyond for you so we can let them know that they've made an impression on you!

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Don't want to leave a Yelp review? No problem! You can also tell us about your experience on Google, Facebook, or by contacting us directly. 

Closet Organization Made Easy

Do you need a little help with closet organization? Does it seem like all of your clothes end up on the floor instead of hung up or put away? If so, here are ways to organize your bedroom closet. 

Tip 1: Declutter
Give yourself a closet makeover by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. One trick is to start by turning all of the hangers in your closet the opposite way (towards you). As you wear something and put it back, turn the hanger back the normal way (away from you). If after a few months you still see some hangers facing toward you, that means that you haven't worn that item for while and it may be time to donate it or put it away in storage. 

Tip 2: Closet Systems
Use boxes, cubbies, tiered shelves or a hanging organizer to sort your items by type of apparel. Setting up a closet system will allow you to make the most of your space and will give everything a "place" to live. 

Tip 3: Put it on a Shelf
Use shelves to put and store the most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high. By doing this you are putting all the essentials in plain view and making them easily accessible. 

Do you have any other closet organization tips you would like to share? Tell us on our Facebook page and we'll post them on our blog!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970 with an idea proposed by activists to honor peace and the planet. Today, people from all over the world make an effort to be more environmentally aware, green and socially responsible on Earth Day. What will you do this Earth Day to do your part?

Some people make an effort to reduce energy consumption by doing something simple like riding their bikes to work, while others make gestures like signing climate petitions. There are hundreds of ways to make an impact on Earth Day!

If you want to make an environmentally smart decision, visit your local Crest Cleaner for Advanced Dry Cleaning. Crest Cleaners uses GreenEarth cleaning in our EcoTech System to protect our employees, our customers and environment from harsh chemicals.

Crest Advanced Dry Cleaning is not only safe for you and your family, but is also efficient and easy - offering same day cleaning, app alerts and state of the art machines guaranteed to safely clean fabrics of all kinds

While Earth Day only happens once a year, we make a commitment to responsibly clean the same way every day, protecting our environment and pleasing our customers year round!

Remove Salt Stains from Your Shoes

Now that spring is here, we can break out the summer sandals and open-toed shoes! Before you pack away your winter shoes, don’t forget to clean off the residue salt from the sidewalks. You may notice the white ring around the toes of your shoes as well, but those aren't permanent!

Here are some simple ways to clean the salt residue from your shoes.

If your shoes are leather, mix two parts water with one part vinegar in a small bowl or jar, dip a rag or towel in the solution and gently rub on your shoes. A few well placed wipes should do the trick. 

To prevent further damage, make sure the shoes are completely dry, and treat the leather with some leather conditioner or lotion before storing them away for the summer.

If you’re more like Elvis Presley, and your shoes are suede, gently rub off those salt stains with a kneadable eraser, available in most art stores, or use a tooth brush or towel to revive the nap.

These tips are not only easy, but green and safe for the environment, and will keep your favorite shoes in tip-top shape no matter what season it is. For more tips on how to care for your wardrobe, check out our Facebook page.

Win a TV from Crest Cleaners!

April is going to be big. This month we're running the always popular 2 for 1 Rug Special at all Crest Cleaners locations, and to top it off we're giving away 4 40" Samsung Flat Screen TVs! We invite all of our Crest Cleaners customers to enter to win 1 of the 4 TVs and to spread the word to your friends. 

To Enter:
1. Download and print this 2 for 1 Rug coupon
2. Fill out the entry form attached to your coupon
3. Visit any Crest Cleaners to redeem your coupon, and
4. Hand in your entry form. 

That's all you have to do! We're giving away 1 TV each week so make sure you keep stopping by. Weekly giveaways will start on Friday and end on Thursday of the following week. The giveaway starts today and ends April 30, 2015 at 5:00 PM EST. In-store entry only. Participants must be present to win. For more information about the giveaway, download the coupon and check out our contest terms and conditions. 

Happy Spring!


A Crest Cleaners Secret: The Poly Bag

What's the big deal about dry cleaning poly bags? Aren't they the same as regular plastic bags? At Crest Cleaners, we have a little secret for you and it's our poly bags. Our poly bags are great because number one, they're better for the environment. Number two, they work miracles when fighting wrinkles. 

Isn't it awesome to keep the iron in the closet and not have to deal with it all? Image packing up your important dry cleaning in a suitcase, traveling for hours, getting to your destination and emptying out your suitcase... does that usually mean pulling out the iron as well? We have a lot of secrets here at Crest Cleaners, but as you can probably already tell, we're not very good at keeping them. The secret to our poly bags is that they leave your clothing wrinkle-free. OK, let's be realistic. If your clothes are folded in a suitcase, we all know there is no way they will come out virtually free of creases, but with the Crest Cleaners poly bag, it's pretty darn close. You will notice a major decrease in wrinkles when you switch to the Crest Cleaners poly bag... how do we know? Because we see it everyday! Our customers are not fans of wrinkles (seriously though, who is?) and when they see the difference with our poly bags, they definitely let us know.

Give it a try! Leave the poly bag on your clothes until you need them. Fold them up in your closet, place them in a suitcase, whatever! You'll notice a decrease in annoying wrinkles and you might even notice a few other things... like how your dry cleaning doesn't smell funny (that's another secret of ours). Spend less time ironing and more time looking fashionably fresh, try Crest Cleaners today.