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Customer Feedback

"Without fail, Crest has been able to restore every destroyed designer dress and shirt I own to like-new condition."
- Elly

"If you need something STAT, they get it done fast"
- Jessie

"With a busy life, it's really difficult to commit to dropping off and picking up my dry cleaning on a regular basis. I love that Crest has consistent and reliable pick-up and delivery services."
- Susan

"They do a great job. The pickup and delivery has changed my life. I love not having to go get my dry cleaning anymore."
- Jimmy

"Been using them for 14 years. They clean the clothes in-house--no shipping them around town like some places. I don't have problems with my clothes disappearing like other places I have tried."
- Brent

"Crest is very gentle with my clothes and when I go to drop them off (with stains like mine you should), they review the garment with me and notate every stain and even discuss with me how they will treat it. They then review the material and let me know of any risks/dangers (if any) and ask if I want to proceed."
- Elly

"Everyone is so polite and courteous. They are always helpful with any request. The are very knowledgeable about tough stains and how to get them out."
- Marshall

" If you want great customer service and clean clothes, Crest is the way to go."
- Steve

"I've been a long time customer and have nothing but positive experiences having them professionally launder my clothes."
- John

"I don't trust my clothes with anyone else."
- Bob

"They know who I am, they are professional, always friendly and helpful."
- Phil

"I have been using Crest for years and could not be happier. You always see the same smiling faces and they have my clothes ready for me before I walk in the door. The clothes NEVER have a chemical smell to them and always look great."
- Seth

"Their service and support has been outstanding and consistent throughout the years. They always have my cleaning on time and perfect!"
- Kathleen

"My wife and I have used Crest Cleaners forever!  Never a problem, never a late item, always a smile and a "first name" hello!"

"I couldn't ask for more. I hang the bag on the door on Mon/Thurs and it's back the following Thurs/Mon."
- Rachael

" Do yourself a favor and find yourself a good cleaners like Crest. The few dollars you save in cleaning costs can be easily displaced by thousands in damages to your clothing."
- Jason

"Great service, incredibly nice people and a cleaner that respects your clothes. They come back sparkling and with all the buttons and no excuses."
- Dave

"I love the delivery service - it is incredibly convenient and helpful! And where as is the same day service hours so amazing!"
- Stacy

"We feel very spoiled by the good service. The clever laundry bag that also doubles as a garment bag for the cleaned items makes the whole process very easy."
- Carolyn

"I rely on their same day turn around. Hasn't failed me in 17 years!"
- Phillip

"Of all the dry cleaners I have been to in my life, Crest has all the things I've ever wanted. The feeling that I got when I first came here was similar to when I first bought an Ipod and stood in amazement at all the features that I ever wanted on a portable music device."
- Jason

"I'm an "organic" nut and I'm very conscientious about what I eat, what I breathe in, and what I touch, especially when it comes to carcinogenic materials. Perchloroethylene (Perc for short) is the cleaning agent used in almost all dry cleaners. That thing is highly toxic and Crest does not use it. "
- Jason

ecotech system

Can Viruses Live on Fabric?

Sick FamilyWith cold and flu season approaching, many households are going through the necessary precautions to keep everyone healthy. Medicine cabinents are filling up with vitamins and preventative medications, disinfectant wipe and cleaners are on grocery lists, and facial tissues are flying off the shelves. Recently we were asked a very interesting question: Can viruses live on clothing and fabrics? 

If someone close to you falls ill, it's natural to take every precaution to keep yourself healthy. You already know to disinfect any hard surfaces that may have been touched by the sick person, because it's important to kill any viruses that may be living there. It's hard to say how long cold and flu viruses can live away from their host because it depends on a variety of environmental factors like temperature, lighting, and moisture. The most common way to get infected is to come into personal contact with a sick person - like a handshake, or a hug. To avoid becoming infected with a cold or flu virus, wash your hands frequently (and properly) with soap and water and avoid touching your eyes and face. 

So, can viruses live on your clothing? Yes, but usually not for very long. If a sick person gives you a hug you don't need to immediately start panicking - just wash your hands! Cold and flu viruses can only infect an individual if they enter sensitive areas of the body, like your eyes, nose, or mouth. Once again it's hard to tell how long a virus can live on clothing due to many different environmental factors, but don't expect the virus to live all day. Once you get the opportunity, go ahead and change as a precaution. 

Bedding is a different story. Any parent can tell you that disinfecting a home when a child gets sick means cleaning every nook and cranny. This includes the sheets. The long contact with the fabric and the warm body heat can keep viruses alive for a little longer than desired. Any fabric, bedding, or clothing that comes into frequent contact with a sick person can become high-risk for infection. If you're caring for a sick person at home, make sure to frequently wash bedding and clothing in hot water to kill off any bacteria or virus. 


Do I Really Need to Separate My Laundry?

Laundry is a task that not many people get excited to tackle (except for us, of course). When it comes to doing laundry, many people wonder if there is a faster way to get it done. This thought usually leads to people not separating their clothing and throwing it all in the washer to get it done. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons you should separate your clothing. 

Crest Cleaners Dry Cleaning

Color - You know when you buy new clothes the tags usually say to wash before wearing? This is because the colors may run and you don't want that on your body... or on your other clothes. Even bright clothes that you've had for a while may still bleed color so it's always a good idea to separate the darks, the reds and the whites from each other. 

Denim - Denim is heavy and anything else that gets thrown into the washing machine with the heavy fabric will most likely take a beating. Keep all denim separate from your other garments. 

Delicates - Anything made of thin material like pantyhose and lingerie need to be separated from everything else. If you wash delicates with other garments that have zippers and/or buttons then be prepared for tears. 

Dry Clean Only - Of course you want to separate these garments from the others and bring them into any Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners. 

If you're looking for a faster way to do laundry, just bring it all to us! At Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners, we know that you value your free time. Visit a store near you to see how exactly we can help. 

You Deserve Convenience

Crest Cleaners Home DeliveryWe hear over and over how many of our customers want convenience more than anything else. Convenience is so important to them and to us, so we've shaped the way we do business around it. Here are ways Crest Cleaners makes dry cleaning easy for you. 

Crest Concierge Home Delivery Service
Our highly-acclaimed Home Delivery service brings advanced dry cleaning, rug cleaning, and laundry service right to your door at no additional cost. This service was designed with our customers in mind. We know how errands tend to pile up and take away valuable free time. With the Crest Concierge Home Delivery Service, you can spend that time doing the things you enjoy. 

Crest at Work
At work you don't just need to look good, you need to look professional. So when the constraints of your day-to-day home life spill over into your work setting, how do you figure out the time to handle both? We've designed a special service for you and your company that address the specific needs of hardworking employees. The Crest at Work Program provides all the convenience of our Concierge Home Delivery with some added bonuses catered directly towards businesses of all types. We can provide dry cleaning, laundry, and deliver services in bulk for the whole company or for individual employees. 

Always close to you!
With 14 great locations around Maryland and Virginia, the nearest Crest Cleaners is only a short drive away. This is just another way we add to the ease of using Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners for all of your dry cleaning and laundry service needs. Check out our locations page to find the best locations for you. 

And last, but not least, our promise to you... in by 11, out by 5. During the week when you bring in your clothes by 11 am we will guarantee to have them ready for you by 5 pm. How convenient is that? 

To learn more about how Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners is the top choice, visit a store near you. 

How to Care for Leather

Leather pieces are a great addition to anyone’s closet and we know that it will always be in style. Generally, these garments cost an arm and a leg, so it’s important that you give your leather the right amount of care and attention. Here are the most common ways to care for leather.

If your leather gets dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt. Stay away from soaps unless your salesperson recommended it. Any leftover residue can cause severe harm to the fabric in the long run. You also want to make sure the cloth is damp and not soaking wet. Too much moisture can also cause harm. 

If leather gets too wet and you start to notice spots, let it dry slowly. Speedy drying leather changes the chemical structure, and you end up with a stiff mess. Spread your leather out over a flat surface and place a fan over it. Gentle, cool air work much better than direct heat from a hairdryer and don’t even think about putting it in the dryer.

Sometimes you can get the opposite problem: your leather is too dry and it looks like it might crack. If your leather pieces are getting dry, rub something moist into them. You can find leather dressing or cream at any leather store or you can ask the manufacturer of your garments.

Leather is comfortable and very fashionable to wear, but it does stretch pretty easily. Unfortunately, once you stretch out leather you won’t be able to get it back to the original form. Think of the way the edges of a wallet looks when you fill it too full. That look can happen to any of your leather pieces. So if you have any leather accessories like a fashionable bag, make sure you don’t overfill it.

Leather is not a delicate fabric, in fact it can virtually indestructible if treated properly. Do you have any tips for caring for leather? Share with us. 

How to Care for Formal Clothing

Wedding season is winding down, how did your formal attire fair this year? We see a lot of customers come in with dresses and suits that have been worn to mulitple events that have somehow acquired weird spots and stains. Although it's not easy to dodge running children and tipsy guests, here are a few ways you can care for your formal wear to make it last longer. 

When it's time to wash that expensive party dress, the first thing you are going to want to do may seem obvious: check the tag for cleaning instructions. Nobody knows fabric better than the manufacturer. If the tag says "Dry Clean Only" it means dry clean ONLY. Experimenting or bending the rules could mean completely losing the dress. If this is a risk you are willing to take then be prepared to lose some serious money. 

If the cleaning instructions aren't very clear, then clean the dress based off the fabric type. Polyester is very popular these days and can be hand-washed at home. However silk, satin, rayon, chiffon, wool or acetate will need to be dry cleaned because they are extremely delicate fabrics and will need special attention. 

Check the label for the suits micron number. The higher the micron numbers the more careful you must be in taking care of your suit. It is a common misconception that a suit of a higher micron level is more durable, but the reality is that a suit with high micron levels are softer and more lush, making them more fragile. 

Because of the delicate fabric, you're going to want to steam your suits instead of ironing them. Not only is steaming easier to do, it's a more delicate process. You don't want to put a hot chunk of hot metal on your delicate suit unless you're a Pro at ironing. 

The bottom line is that formal wear is expensive, but there's a reason for the price. Beautiful dresses and fitted suits make wearers look striking and graceful. In the end the formal wear usually pays for itself (as long as you don't ruin the fabric with a wobbly glass of wine or an errant slice of cake). Just remember to stick to the rules and visit Crest Cleaners.


Silicone Added to Care Labeling Standards

ASTM International has officially added silicone as a recommended solvent for the cleaning of textile products. ASTM International, formally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an organization dedicated to the development of internationally recognized standards and it has been nearly twenty years since the organization has added a new cleaning option to the world's care labeling standards. ASTM standards are used by businesses around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate trade, and build consumer confidence. 

The new definition of dry cleaning is now, "in the care of textile products, a cleaning process using solvents such as perchloroethylene, a petroluem, or a silicone." The most common, and most harmful chemical, perc, is being driven out of the dry cleaning business which doesn't surprise us here at Crest Cleaners. There's a high demand from customers, employees, and communities to completely do away with the chemical and it appears that silicone is slowly starting to take over. 

At Crest Cleaners, we're proud to use GreenEarth® Cleaning in all 14 of our locations. The growing safety awareness combined with the addition of silicone as a cleaning option should assist and encourage the regulation of perc in dry cleaning. The harmful effects of perc are becoming more commonly known, meaning that soon dry cleaners around the world will adopt silicone as their cleaner of choice. 

Freshen Up Fall Sweaters

Fall Sweaters, Crest CleanersFall is coming so it's time to pull out and freshen up your sweaters! Here are a few tips for taking care of your sweaters. 

Don't hang your sweaters
Sweaters are made of heavy fabrics which means they're more malleable than the other items in your closet. Spending long periods of time on a hanger will stretch out the shoulders and ruin the shape of your sweater. 

Use a soft bristle brush
Sweaters attract lint. Some sweaters are like magnets! One second you sweater is nice and clean but after wearing it for an hour you may discover that you've picked up every strand of cat hair in the house. Although a lint roller usually does the trick, sometimes you need to get the stuff embedded in the fabric. This is where a soft bristle brush comes in handy. The soft bristles reduce the risk of pulling or cutting loose fabric in the sweater. 

Read the instructions
It's important to make sure that you read the care instructions on the label. We think that this goes for any piece of clothing but sweaters in particular are usually delicate in the wash. The washing information on the label is there for a reason so if it says "Dry Clean Only" it's probably dry clean only. 

Store completely dry
After you wash your sweaters, make sure they are completely dry before you store them away. The thick fabric can hold moisture longer than your other articles of clothing and storing them before they are completely dry may ruin the fabric (and make them smell funny).

Sweaters are our fluffy favorites but their life-spans are totally dependent on the way they are cared for. If you're looking for a safe, quality way to keep your sweaters clean contact Crest Cleaners today. 

Rumor Debunked: Dry Cleaning Will Not Ruin Your Clothes

There is a rumor going around that the dry cleaning process uses harmful chemicals which can cause discolor or even burn through your clothes. It’s a terrifying thing to imagine: arriving at the dry cleaners to find your favorite button-down shirt or sun dress has been destroyed in the blink of an eye. It’s especially frightening considering the clothing you send to the dry cleaner is typically from your nicer and more expensive collection. We at Crest Cleaners are here now to debunk that myth and confirm that it is completely false, untrue, and (forgive the horrible pun) fabricated. 

It is important to note that any washing method, including the typical household washer/dryer will do some level of damage to your clothing and that overdoing it will shorten the lifespan of your clothing. This can be chalked up to simple wear and tear. Every time you open your dryer you will find a long flat sponge of tiny bits of fabric waiting for you. Dryer lint is a compilation of pieces of your clothing which you will never get back. This is why it is not advised to over-wash your clothes. Most items don’t need to be cleaned after a single use. 

Here at Crest Cleaners we have gone the extra mile to make sure that your clothing receives the best treatment. That’s why we use GreenEarth safe cleaning solvents. GreenEarth uses a natural silicone based cleaning solvent that won’t harm you or your clothing. Other dry cleaners use perchlorethylene, a petroleum-based cleaning solvent that is harmful to your clothes as well as those who are around it. Maybe that’s how the rumor started.

But now you know the truth: Crest Cleaners uses the latest technology and equipment to handle your clothes and takes the extra step to handle your possessions with care. As much as we love seeing you in our stores, there is probably no need to bring in the same clothes every week – unless you are an extremely messy person. Which if that’s the case, come on in! 

Packing is Not Just a Skill, It's an Art

Packing Tips, Crest CleanersWe know your secret - you don’t really know how to pack a bag. Hey we get it, sometimes it’s just easier to throw everything into a bag and go. However, we believe that everyone can master the art of packing and here is your guide to get started.  

It all starts with folding: the groundwork of the perfect pack. Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface, fold the sleeves in, and pull the bottom up. Fold 1/3 from both sides inward. Roll from the bottom up. This will keep the collar from being folded at all and the bust (the most easiest place for wrinkles to show) flat and straight. It will also consolidate the shirt to its smallest form. The rolling method can work for many different items, but not everything. Use at your discretion. 

All bags are created differently so we suggest folding the clothes first and fitting them in like puzzle pieces all at once. Start with rigid items, like shoes and work your way around. 

It is not advised to put all your shirts together, pants in one place, etc. Try to put your clothes next to other things you might pair them with. That way you may be able to avoid taking everything out and creating a clothing hurricane, for a little while at least. This method may not work for the indecisive out there. If you have real trouble picking out a shirt you will probably not want to dig down to the bottom of your bag to find all your shirts. 

Don’t use outer pockets for socks. Socks don’t really need to be folded neatly. Stuff them in any cracks you may have left over from you expertly crafted clothing puzzle. Also by stuffing them in your shoes you will make use of tiny vacant spaces and keep your shoes from being misshapen. The outer pockets should be reserved for items which may require quick access. Medicine, tooth brush, sunglasses, money, passport, a book, etc. 

These are just guidelines, not rules. Situations change based on plans, destinations, weather, even airline bag policy. Consider all possibilities to make your packing a work of art. 

Have a packing tip you’d like to share? Tell us on our Facebook page

Quick Tricks to De-Wrinkle Your Clothes

Wrinkle-Free with Crest CleanersBreaking out the iron for every piece of clothing that gets a tiny bit wrinkly can be incredibly tedious. Sure, if your shirt has been sitting at the bottom of your hamper or crammed into a backpack after a long trip there is nothing like a hot flat iron to smooth everything over. But there are many different methods you can use for spot checking wrinkles on the fly. Here are a few that we think are the simplest and most effective. 

Method 1: The Dryer
This is the simplest way to get a few wrinkles out with little effort. Simply toss a few garments straight into the dryer. You should either spray each item or put in a damp towel along with them to help create steam. Don’t put in a full load because the clothes need physical space to breathe. Try to keep it to five articles of clothing or less and keep an eye on the timer. They should only be in the dryer for about 10 minutes. Make sure you get them out immediately or they may re-wrinkle while sitting in the dryer. 

Method 2: The Shower
If you don’t have a dryer readily available, the shower is your best bet. Simply hang your clothes over a curtain rod (make sure the rod is clean before hand), and let them hang while you take a shower. The steam will fill the room and help your clothing relax. This method is a little tricky because you don’t want to splash water onto your clothes, but if you are the type to take long, hot showers, this is a way to knock out two birds with one stone. 

Method 3: Damp Towel
For this method, each article of clothing will require its own towel (maybe even two for a dress). Simply lay the garment over a flat surface i.e. a bed or a clean table. Then lay the damp towel straight on top and smooth it out with your hands. The towel can be a recently used shower towel (in case method 2 doesn’t get out all of your wrinkles) but it should be a relatively fresh and clean one. This process will take a little longer than the other two and may require some drying time afterwards. 

So those are your top three ways to avoid the agonizing and pedantic ironing process. Be advised that different fabrics will yield different results and wait times. Hopefully these methods will work for you next time you’re in a bind or a bout of laziness. At Crest Cleaners, we’re the experts so you can always reach out to us for more tips or advice.